• This is a Private Charitable Venture and the trust is actively involved in giving free services to its family members or at very low subsidised manner in costs. The view is only not -for- profit and service to human kind as a larger objective. Hence every family member who join this website has to be very useful to other members and should always follow highly legal methodology in transacting things electronically and should abide by laws in force for the time being in force be it in india or international as per the relevance and applicability.
  • The members who join this family website has to abide by cybernorms and should not transact things which are illegal in nature. The members are adviced to be self disciplined with good control over their attitude.
  • The members can transact electronically all legal things which are provided in the Article 19 & 21 of the Constitution of India or as per the Freedom of Speech and expression as per other countries constitution as relevant and applicable as per their country of birth.
  • The website under the administration of the trust hereby states that no criminal activities as per the local or international law will be allowed in the system and the members are singly or individually responsible for their actions and the associated legal complications.
  • The members are hereby adviced to make a proper use of this free facility and not to cause any nuisance or inconvenience to other members or to the trust administration. The members are adviced to be patriotic and very legal and diplomatic in approach. Hope all the members should accept this 5 most important conditions.

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