1. What about the Trust and its objectives?

This Trust is a private registered family trust and will be following all the legal formalities that need to be fulfilled with respect to our government. The main motto is

TO PERSONAL GAIN. The main objective of this electronic news website is to spread news information and relevant online education at very low subsidized cost to the public.

2. Whether Franchise Operator options available?

Yes available. Franchise agreement to be signed with the trust .

3. Whether News Reporters would be appointed by the Electronic News website?

Yes. It would be appointed after proper KYC, interview and based on field experience.

4. What are the other business sectors planned by the Trust?

The business sectors that are planned by the Trust is in the nature of “General Public-Family Trust” & “Investor-Family Trust” partnerships/ MOU/Joint ventures in the areas like “Market research”, “Construction & Real Estates”, “Insurance & Financial Advisory” etc etc. as per the opportunities available in the Economic scenarios. All the sectors will be driven by Analytically values &Inputs with more emphasis to sustainable values & ethics.

5. Whether the Family Trust is an Equal Opportunity Employer/ service provider?

Yes. The activities of the Trust are purely based on practical ethics and morality and is practically based on Equal opportunity employment/service provider conventions with no no no or less less less dependence on Caste, Creed, Religion and borders and will give more encouragement for “Physically Challenged” for Salary paid News reporter system and Citizen Reporter System and also on opportunities regarding “General Public-Family trust” & “Investor-Family trust” partnerships/ MOU/ Joint Ventures .Hence it follows “All are Equal before GOD” policy as practical as possible in the real time economic and security environment. Jai

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