It's surreal to be compared to Sachin Tendulkar: Virat Kohli

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Sachin Tendulkar himself feels Virat Kohli is the man to carry on the baton from him.

Tendulkar has said the young 24-year old could one day surpass his record of 100 international centuries.

But for Virat Kohli, comparisons with the 'God of Cricket' are overwhelming to say the least.

Recently in the news for signing a record deal with a sports apparel brand, which also boasts of Tendulkar as its ambassador, Virat Kohli is uncomfortable with the headlines that talk of him leaving legends like Tendulkar and MS Dhoni behind in terms of endorsement earnings per brand.

He says he almost can't believe he's being compared to his idol.

"It feels surreal to be compared to the man I've always idolised. The man I've grown up watching, trying to emulate. My goal is to match such legends on the field and not off it."

Asked if such numbers increase the pressure on him, he says, "Obviously expectations do rise. But I don't think about it too much. It feels nice. But I don't take pressure from this. I'm happy that what I'm doing on the field is being appreciated."

Speaking about the upcoming India-Australia one-day series, Virat said the matches will be extremely competitive.

"India-Australia has been a great rivalry. It's the one team we really enjoy playing against because it brings the best out of all players. It's been our main aim that competitive teams bring out the best in us. And if you perform against them, it gives lot of satisfaction and that's something I'm looking forward to."

Captain Michael Clarke will be missing in action due to injury, as the Australians field a young, inexperienced side against India, who have won their last three series overseas.

But Virat feels the contest is even.

"I don't think the Australians have lost their competitive edge. Their team has changed, so has ours. Transitions happen. They've been doing well. They are a strong side and we can't take them lightly. It will be a series between two new teams and it will be very competitive," Kohli added.

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